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School Ambassadors

At the beginning of the year, Year 6 children can apply to become School Ambassadors through a whole school election process. Candidates work in campaign teams to promote themselves and deliver a presentation to all year groups, alongside their Campaign Manager. Children across teh school then cast their vote to nominate their School Ambassadors for the academic year.

The School Ambassadors work closely with the Headteacher throughout the year to promote and develop the school. They are excellent role models to their peers and emcompass all of the school's core values: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Compassion, Community and Excellence.   

Roles and Activities

Promoting Children's Mental Health

Our Ambassadors feel very strongly about children’s mental health and this is captured in the following statement.

The 2023 Mental Health Week is all about connecting with others and how we need to be open about our feelings. We know that mental health is very important as it can affect many aspects of our lives: how we act, how we think and what we do!

Our mental health can not only have an impact on ourselves but the people around us too. This year’s theme is about expressing your inner feelings and reaching out to others about your emotions. We believe that connecting to others is about us staying together and having the confidence of speaking out to people around us.

Children can connect to not only their peers but also their teachers and us – the Ambassador Team!

We can all make a difference to others but speaking out about our emotions. We can make a small but significant change by either waving or smiling, which can make someone’s day. SO LET’S CONNECT!

The Ambassador Team


Meeting Visitors

Our School Ambassadors enjoyed talking to Louie French, local MP for Bexley, about their love of reading during the opening of our new re