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Reading at Days Lane

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Promoting a love of reading at Days Lane

Parent Readers - During her interview with our School Ambassadors, Mrs Hines kindly offered to read them a traditional tale, which was inspired by the Ashanti people of Ghana. Please click on the link to listen to the story, which was viewed by the whole of the school! 


Peer Reading - Extract from Parent Newsletter

Roald Dahl Day - Extract from a Parent Newsletter 

To celebrate one of our most treasured authors, teachers will be reading extracts from books to the children throughout the week. Mr Lang and I will also be sharing some of our favourite Roald Dahl characters during our assembly next week.

Can you guess which Roald Dahl books the following extracts are from?

Reading Rewards 

Louie French MP unveiled our reading vending machine, which is filled with books for children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to choose and keep as a reward for great reading progress! He also took the opportunity to speak to our School Ambassadors about reading at Days Lane. 

"Reading is a key skill that everyone uses throughout our lives. It is brilliant to see Days Lane supporting children’s reading and bringing it to life” (Louie French MP).

Introducing our reading vending machine: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13P5pukA9yZ0P4uHNm-YRfDzxVQCNFq_A/view?usp=sharing



Extreme Reading Competitons - Extracts from Parent Newsletters