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History Assessment Framework and Topic Quiz (samples)

  • Assessment Frameworks have been designed for every History topic to outline the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that children will be assessed against throughout the unit.
  • Topic Quizzes are used as summative assessments at the end of a each unit of work.  

Please see examples of a history Assessment Framework and a Topic Quiz below:

Review and Recall

Children are provided with continuous opportunities to recall prior learning at the start of every lesson via a 'review and recall' slide (see Year 3 example below).

  • Recapping knowledge that was taught in previous years (what did I learn in the past?) is mapped out for each year group - see 'Review and Recall' document below. Where possible, review and recall topics have been mapped out to link to current learning so that children can apply and build upon their prior knowledge.
  • End of topic quizzes and ongoing formative assessment informs the recapping of more recent topics (what did I learn this year?) and (what did I learn last week?).
  •  Gap analysis of end of topic quizzes take place to identify learning gaps, which are addressed during future 'Review and Recall' slides, at the beginning of lessons.

Local Studies

The history of our local area has been integrated into our curriculum, giving children the opportunity to study how it has changed overtime.

  • Year 2 study Queen Mary's hospital, the world's first ever hosipital dedicated to treating facial injuries during World War 1.   
  • Year 4 examine how Sidcup was effected by World War 2, in particular during the Blitz.
  • Year 5 compare how Shooters Hill, once reknown for highwaymen, has changed overtime.

Below are examples of activities that the children participate in during their Year 2 local study:

Studying maps from different time periods:

Completing inference squares