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Staff List

Leadership Team

Mrs Trusty


Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Mrs Kenward

Deputy Headteacher: Inclusion (SENCO)

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection 

Mrs Mills

Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning in Years 4, 5 and 6

Mrs Drummond

Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning in Years 2 & 3

Miss Stewart 

Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning in EYFS & Year 1

Ms South

School Business Manager


Early Years Teaching Staff


Miss Vlamis

Reception (Red Class)

Mrs Bailey

Reception (Green Class)

Miss Tredway

Reception (Blue Class)

 Miss Childs

Key Stage 1 Teaching Staff

Year 1 (Class 1S)

Miss Cox & Miss Stewart - Assistant Head EYFS & Year 1

Year 1 (Class 1R)

Miss Callan 

Year 1 (Class 1V)

Miss Brailsford

Year 2 (Class 2S)

Mrs D'Souza & Mrs Clarke

Year 2 (Class 2R)

Miss Freeman

Year 2 (Class 2V)

Mrs Drummond - Assistant Head Years 2 & 3

Key Stage 2 Teaching Staff

Year 3 (3V)

Mrs Farmer

Year 3 (3S)

Mrs Mortimer & Mrs Crawford

Year 3 (3R)

Miss Nicol

Year 4 (4R)

Miss Whiteley

Year 4 (4S)

Miss Gibson

Year 4 (4V)

Mrs Beyzade

Year 5 (5R)

Mr Lyons

Year 5 (5S)

Miss Ootim & Mrs Mills - Assistant Head Years 4,5,6

Year (5V)

Mr Simonds

Year 6 (6V)

Mrs Hollis & Mrs Thomas

Year 6 (6S)

Miss Worrell

Year 6 (6R)

Mrs Tyler

 The Ark

Mrs Carter 


Mrs Keen 

Learning Support Assistants

Miss  Allen

Mrs Pickering

Miss Baldwin

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Nash

Mrs Winstone

Mrs Harmer

Mrs Harris

Mrs Walker

Mrs Nichols

Ms Miah

Mrs January 

Mrs Lawford

Mrs Welland

Mrs Twiner

Mrs Brown

Mrs Owens

Mrs Healy

Mrs Knight

Mrs Hernandez

Miss Cook

Mrs Tedham

Miss Parratt

Ms Fitzgerald

Mrs Arslan

Mrs Hulls





Mrs Shearing 

Ms Mendy

Finance and HR Officer

Mrs Fosh

Attendance & Admissions Officer

Mrs Wedderburn 

Pastoral Care Lead


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Popat

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Charles

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs McAteer

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Cullinan

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs George 

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Churcher

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Sharma 

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Bharti

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Phlora

Midday Meals Supervisor


Mr Drummond

Premises Manager
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