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Art at Days Lane

Art Assessment Frameworks and Topic Quiz (samples)

  • Assessment Frameworks have been designed for every art topic to outline the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that children will be assessed against throughout the unit.
  • Topic Quizzes are used to assess children's knowledge retention at the end of a each unit of work.  An analysis of children's outcomes then takes place to identify gaps in learning and these are addressed at the start of future lessons through our 'Review and Recall' slides.

Please see examples of a history Assessment Framework and a Topic Quiz below:

Review and Recall

Children are provided with continuous opportunities to recall prior learning at the start of every lesson via a 'review and recall' slide (see Year 4 example below).


Art Outcomes

Reception - The children created their own dinosaur silhouette pictures using watercolours. They children were encouraged to explore the paints with different brush sizes and experiment with colour mixing. 


Year 1  - The children explored warm and cold colours and then created a final piece based on Kandinsky's 'Circles' and animal sketches.  

Year 2 - Tudor house charcoal drawings:  


Year 3 - 3D modrock figures:


Year 6 - Comparing artists:

Evaluating learning journeys:


Group projects:

Children across the school worked with 'Arty Party' to create a life-size model of Matilda. 


Year 5 worked collaboratively to create a giant weaving outcome based on their learning throughot Black History Month:

Eye-catching Displays

At Days Lane, we believe that chidlren learn best when they are immersed in an enriching learning environment. Children's outcomes are proudly displayed throughoutt the school. Our displays are engaing, informative and contain key knowldge and vocabulary that children can refer to throughout their learning journeys.   


Art Club

Miss Gibson runs a KS2 Art Club for keen artists, who enjoy exploring art and being creative. One outcome they made was their very own papier-mache dragon masks!

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