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Music at Days Lane


We currently hold the Music Mark in recognition of our commitment to high quality music provision and the value we place on music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.

Music Assessment Frameworks and Topic Quizzes (samples)

  • Assessment Frameworks have been designed for every music topic to outline the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that children will be assessed against throughout the unit.
  • Topic Quizzes are used to assess children's knowledge retention at the end of each unit of work. An analysis of children's outcomes then takes place to identify gaps in learning; these are addressed at the start of future lessons through our 'Review and Recall' slides (below).   

Please see examples of a music Assessment Framework and a Topic Quiz below:

Review and Recall

Children are provided with continuous opportunities to recall prior learning at the start of every lesson via a 'review and recall' slide (see Year 3 example below).


  • Children throughout the school have regular opportunities to sing through assemblies and class/ year group presentations.
  • We have a choir practice every week and children in years 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to join - regardless of their experience or singing ability. A KS1 choir will be forming in the spring term to provide further enrichment opportunities for children in years 1 & 2.
  • The school choir take part in an annual events such as ‘Young Voices’ and ‘Fairfield Hall community events’, where they are able to perform in front of large audiences. They also perform as part of our carol service at Days Lane Baptist Church and have also performed to the public in our local area (Danson Park & Bexleyheath).

Young Voices - Home | FacebookClick on the link below to watch our choir perform with 9000 other children at the O2 Area. 


Click on the links below to listen to other singing performances:

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