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DT Assessment Framework and Topic Quiz (samples)

  • Assessment Frameworks have been designed for every DT topic to outline the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that children will be assessed against throughout the unit.
  • Topic Quizzes are used to assess children's knowledge retention at the end of a each unit of work.  An analysis of children's outcomes then takes place to identify gaps in learning and these are addressed at the start of future lessons through our 'Review and Recall' slides. 

Please see examples of a DT Assessment Framework and a Topic Quiz below:

Review and Recall

Children are provided with continuous opportunities to recall prior learning at the start of every lesson via a 'review and recall' slide (see Year 2 example below).

Products with a Purpose

Extract from a Parent Newsletter


Children's Outcomes:

Year 4 Moving Mascots:

The children's design brief was to make a moving mascot for a character in the text 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter. The children learnt about pneumatic systems and applied their knowledge to make their product and then evaluated it. 



Year 6 rainforest automations

Year 6 children carried out market research in Year 2 and then designed and constructed a moving rainforest toy, using their knowledge of cams, levers and other mechanisms. The children's knowledge of the topic was then assessed through an end of topic quiz.


Year 1 Hanging Decorations:

Year 1 children's design brief was to make a hanging decoration. They explored and evaluated existing products, made their own designs and learnt how to use running and cross stitches to join materials together. They the evaluated their product against their design brief.



Year 5 Seasonal Pies

Year 5's product brief was to design and make a savoury autumn pie. During their learning journey, they learnt all about seasonality, tasted different foods and spices to investigate the effect of combining ingredients and also learnt about the different nutrients and substances within a range of foods. They then used this knowledge to select their ingrediants and developed their cooking techniques when making their pie, before finally evaluating their final product. 


The DT Association

We support and champion design and technology education in schools - D&T  AssociationWe use the resources and material provided by the DT Association to support the planning and implementation of our DT curricumlum.


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